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cuba bella's story



Our family like many other Cubans escaped what once was a beautiful lsland with a thriving community. We fled our homes and security for a promise of a better life. Once in the US we were so grateful to be in a place that cares so much for their people but our hearts were still on that island and comfort came through what was The spices, flavors, and smell became a way to still feel what had been lost. We as a family wanted to share that same feeling with our new home and new community for welcoming us with such love. Early on Abuelita Olga's Catering was how we brought Cuba to DFW for decades. Now, Cuba Bella Cafe is where on a daily basis we share that love of Cuba and the amazing food that will always bring us back to that Island that once was our home. 

Chef El Guero

Chef El Guero received his first certification as a chef in Havana, Cuba. After cooking for many years in Havana, Cuba fortunately for Texas, he found his way to Dallas where he met his wife Tina. El Guero and his Mother-In-Law Olga spent hours cooking and perfecting his craft. Shortly there after came a family and a family owned catering business that severed the DFW area for decades. Finally, the stars alined in 2019 and finally a place was born where the family can share our love and experience of Classic Cuban Cuisine.



Cuba Bella Cafe gives a warm thank you to Carlos at Royal Signs of Dallas, Texas for the amazing restaurant sign, art work and business cards.  Carlos can accomplish any task.  Visit to see his work and contact information.

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